Bishop Grosseteste University and Visit Boston have paired up to bring Lincoln Teenage Market on Tour to Boston. Join the Teenage Market running alongside the regular chartered market in the historic market town of Boston in Lincolnshire.

Participation in this event is FREE and no trading experience is necessary. Your stall will be provided with a table and Bishop Grosseteste University will take care of most insurances, all you have to provide is your own cash/float. The market will run 9.30am to 3.30pm.  Young people under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or responsible adult for the duration of the event.

Teenage Markets are taking place in towns and cities all across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, a fast-growing initiative that’s transforming towns and city centres with the creativity of young people. It is about supporting the next generation of market traders and bring their energy to the forefront of markets. These events give people an opportunity to the be entrepreneurial, trail new business ideas and sell products. As well as this option, we are able to offer young performers an opportunity to showcase their creative talents and showcase their unique skills and talents – bring your friends and families alongside for support.

It’s easy to get involved: Go to and follow the details at the Teenage Market event on Saturday 4 July. A link will take you to the Boston Teenage Market page, where you can click on the trader or performer sign up. Follow the step by step guide to create your own profile. Once created you can apply to take part in the Teenage Market by clicking ‘Apply to be a trader/performer’ at the top of the events page. This event welcomes both groups and individuals and encourage anyone to try out their trader or performer skills.  There is limited space available so ensure you get signed up quickly.

This event is funded by Boston Town Area Committee. For more information on other events in Boston please see