Boston Borough Council, East Lindsey District Council and South Holland District Council have confirmed their intention to support the Government’s Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy (ARAP).

The three councils, who have recently come together to form the South and East Lincolnshire Councils Partnership, have responded to the government’s call for support for the ARAP scheme, which is designed to aid those fleeing from the ongoing situation in Afghanistan.

In a joint statement, the Leaders of the three Councils – Cllr Paul Skinner (Boston Borough), Cllr Craig Leyland (East Lindsey), and Lord Porter of Spalding (South Holland) – said: “We have all been following the news of the unfolding tragedy in Afghanistan and looking at what our role may be in supporting those looking to leave the country. All three of our authorities have for some time been playing an active role in the Lincolnshire Resettlement Partnership, and, once government made their request for help in rolling out the ARAP scheme, we were all clear that it was something we wanted our authorities to support.

“We have written back to government to confirm this and we’re now waiting to hear back from them as to the support they will require from us. Whatever this looks like for our area, we’re sure that our new approach to delivering services in partnership will greatly aid our ability to assist with the scheme over the coming weeks and months.”