The first ever Lincolnshire website dedicated to helping victims find the support they need has gone live.

Anyone who has been the victim of crime in Lincolnshire – regardless of whether the crime was reported to the police or not- can now access support, information and practical advice all under one virtual roof thanks to a new online portal.

The website, which has been funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner and developed by his office, showcases the different support options available to victims and how to access them.

With the aim of equipping victims with vital knowledge about their rights and entitlements under the government’s ‘Victims Code’, this website answers questions such as ‘what does a police investigation look like?’, ‘I don’t want to report the crime to the police – can I still get support?’ and ‘what happens if I need to give evidence in court?’.

The website is an extension of Victim Lincs, a service put in place by the Police and Crime Commissioner as part of his Victims and Survivors Strategy. The Victim Lincs team are specially trained to provide free, confidential advice and guidance if you have been the victim of crime, regardless of whether the crime has been reported to the police, when or where the crime took place.

Marc Jones, Police and Crime Commissioner said: “My vision is that anybody in Lincolnshire who has been the victim of crime receives the support they need, regardless of whether they report the crime to the police or not.

“I believe that Lincolnshire has the best victim and survivor services it has ever seen – starting with the initial contact from Victim Lincs right through to specialist services supporting survivors of all ages and genders.

“This website will help raise awareness of these services, providing another route for victims and survivors to access the support they need to cope and recover.”

If you live, work or study in Lincolnshire and have been affected by crime, you can get support, even if you do not want to report the crime to the police. Call Victim Lincs on 01522 947510 or visit