Jeanie’s haberdashery stall has been a constant on Boston Market for over 50 years. Jeanie’s been working on Boston Market since 1965 when her father owned the business and she has been running it herself since 1997.

Jeanie’s stall focuses on haberdashery including wool, ribbon, thread, buttons and lots more! It’s the perfect place to get all you need for some crafty projects.

Due to the non-essential nature of the products, Jeanie was unable to trade during the periods of lockdown, however, as many businesses did, she adapted and was able to sell items from home.

Jeanie would like to say, “Thank you to all the customers who support our local market.”

You can find Jeanie’s stall on Boston Market every Wednesday and Saturday near Natwest Bank in the Market Place. As well as trading on Boston Market, Jeanie also trades on Spalding Market on a Tuesday.

To help market traders recover from the Covid-19 restrictions since returning earlier this year the Council has made market rent free, this lasts until Wednesday 14 July 2021 for all trader.

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