More than 50 people turned out to witness the unveiling of a lasting memorial to lost fishermen.

After much anticipation, the completed sculpture was finally revealed to the public at its home on land at the B&M site also known as the Boston Gateway.

People gathered to the site this morning to catch a first glimpse of the inspirational 9ft tall sculpture during this special celebration event, which also featured live music from Swineshead Silver Band and speeches from Phil Drury, Chief Executive of Boston Borough Council, Billy MacKenzie, Lay Pastor and Colin Briggs, Chairman of the Boston Wood Carvers involved in the project.

The original inspiration for the tribute was the fishermen who sailed from Boston at the outbreak of the First World War and were killed or taken prisoner.

Some of the fishermen put to sea unaware that war had been declared and ten of 16 deep-sea trawlers from the port were sunk in the first month of the conflict. At least 51 fishermen lost their lives and 53 more were held prisoners of war.

After work began, it was decided to extend the tribute to include all fishermen from Boston who have been lost at sea. Boston and South Holland Wood Carvers have carved the tribute. The panels have been carved with Boston fishing industry imagery such as a trawler on the waves, an anchor, ship’s wheel, lifebuoy, seagulls, fish, sea shells, crab and starfish.

Colin Briggs, Chairman of the Boston Wood Carvers started by introducing the members of the group and thanked the generosity of Princebuild for laying the base and preparing the shuttering for the plinth and DS Engineering who supplied the metal framework.

He went on to say, “Thanks to the Vicar of Boston for allowing us the use of Boston Stump as a workshop for the past two years, and to the many who have aided the woodcarvers with donations of equipment, time and encouragement.

“Boston Big Local, Boston Town Area Committee and Wainfleet Charitable Trust for providing funding.

“Transported Arts and Peter Tree for their technical expertise and contribution towards the engineering costs and Scarborough Development Group for allowing us to install the memorial in such a prominent, well used space.”

The sculpture was officially unveiled by Jenny Moore, environment and sustainability officer from Boston Borough Council who acted in liaison with the group enabling them to successfully complete the project.

For members of The Fishermen’s Mission, some of whom have lost family, friends and colleagues, the event proved highly emotional and marked the completion of many months of hard work.