Monthly Police Article Update


I am Marie Williams and I have been a Police Community Support Officer in Boston for the past 15 years. My colleagues consider me part of the furniture here in Boston. I have worked in various areas of the town, but for the past few years have been working on the Town West team covering the Fenside and Staniland wards.

My work is varied, and no two days are ever the same. I enjoy all aspects of my role, and the variety and challenges it presents. I love nothing more than getting out on foot patrol, talking to local residents, listening to their issues and concerns and working out productive, practical ways in which to help them and try to resolve those issues.

Over recent years through knowing local children on my area I have become more and more involved with schools not only in my area but across the Borough, getting to know staff and pupils, identifying and addressing issues as they arise. I have worked in both primary and secondary schools, delivering the Mini Police project at primary level, along with various talks, sessions and engagement days at secondary schools.

The work I have done with schools has helped to make me a ‘familiar face’ amongst young people – helping to build their trust in not only myself but the Neighbourhood Policing Team and policing in general. This trust means that I am able to get a good insight into tensions and issues in our area, and am able to pro-actively address them.

A proportion of my time is taken up with partnership working, providing a policing input and problem solving with other agencies to support and protect residents young and old across my area. This partnership working means I have detailed knowledge of issues affecting residents and can work with other agencies to address them.

My role is fantastic in that I get to be involved in groups and events that make a positive difference – from working with Scouts and youth groups to retirees and senior citizens – something that I cannot imagine any other role would bring.

I am looking forward to post-Covid times when I can get back out and talking to people, as to me that’s what the job is all about.