Monthly Police Article Update

Hello everyone. I am Shreeji Brahmbhatt introducing myself in this edition of our bulletin. I work as a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO). I have been part of police family since late 2010. I started my role as a PCSO in April 2014 covering town centre area. The past seven years have been an enjoyable time for me, and I have met some amazing people on my journey. I have spent a lot of my time engaging with the public, finding out what they perceive the issues to be in relation to Anti-social behaviour, and adapting my work style and patrols in order to try and address some of these issues.

One particular issue that I have been very keenly challenging is that of street drinking. Street drinking gives a negative perception of the town and working with the community safety and Anti-social behaviour team at Boston Borough Council to address this has been both challenging and rewarding. Individuals who choose to ignore the PSPO ‘no drinking’ zone are challenged, alcohol surrendered, and their details recorded and passed to the ASB team for further action. Through regular patrols, those choosing to drink began to secrete themselves away in less-visible locations, being aware if caught they would lose their alcohol, making it more of a challenge to locate them.

Another area I have focussed on is motor vehicles, being conscious that not all of the vehicles on the road are ‘above board’ and documented correctly. As a result of patrols and information received from the public, I have reported many drivers for various motoring offences, and have had their vehicles seized. Taking an uninsured vehicle off the road or preventing an unlicensed driver from driving goes a small step to keep our roads safer, something which means a lot to me and my team.

From this March, I have moved over to work on the Town East area. I look forward to bringing my skills to a new area, and meeting residents on my patrols. I am always happy for members of the community to approach me if they need any help or just want to have a chat. It has been a great experience working with the team that I am part of and serving the community of Boston. I enjoy this role as no two days or shifts are same and there is something to learn from every day at the office.

Last year has been incredibly difficult for all of us due to the COVID. As we are now slowly getting back to the “normal”, I appeal you all to follow the guidelines and abide by the rules. By doing so, we can all hopefully enjoy a great summer and put the past year behind us.