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What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

These are plans that will establish planning policies for the development and use of land in a neighbourhood. They can be undertaken by a Parish Council within part or all of their parish or by a Neighbourhood Forum if there is no parish, such as Boston town. A Parish Forum’s purpose must be to promote or improve the economic, environmental or social wellbeing of the area and have a constitution as well as a minimum of 21 members who live or work in the Neighbourhood Area or are elected borough or county councillors for the Neighbourhood Area. Collectively these are “Qualifying Authorities” and before commencing either must apply to the Local Planning Authority to designate the Neighbourhood Area the plan will cover.

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Boston Borough Council will retain some of your contact details to document its consultation in respect of neighbourhood areas .  We will retain the supplied contact details (which may contain personal contact details) for 2 years.  Boston Borough may also use your business contact details to make contact in respect of its role in the economic wellbeing of the local area.

Boston Borough Council has a statutory duty in undertaking local economic development work. 

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