After many months of consultation with children and young people, designing and planning Boston Skate Park with Maverick Industries the Skate Park finally opened on yesterday (Thursday 3rd September 2020).

After an eight-week build covering an area of 832 square-metres this week has seen many youngsters visit the site every day to ask the workers “when will the Skate Park open?”

And yesterday that day finally came and with many eagerly waiting outside the fencing from before lunch time whilst the final checks by ROSPA were completed and the fencing being removed some three hours later saw young people flood onto the park.

An array of BMX bikes, scooters, skateboards and roller skates took to the park and youngsters began to show their skills. The new facility has 22 different aspects to ride including features such as flat bank, curb, jump-box, pyramid, round rail, ledge, volcano, rollover, quarter-pipe, hubba ledges, and benches.

The comments from those attending were really positive:
Ronan 19 years – This is great! I honestly can’t believe we have this at last. I have been hoping for a new skate park for 7 years!
Thomas 14 years – It’s a bit of alright!
Makenzie 12 years – Good
Darius 16 years – AMAZING!!!
Mantas 17 years – Best Skate Park I have ever been to and I have been to a lot.
Tautvyvas 16 years – Better than I expected and is a really safe Skate Park.
Kiesa 16 years – Best Skate Park around, I need to learn to skate now!!
Nikita 17 years – Beautiful. This is the finest thing to open in Boston for our age range. I love it.
Phoebe 17 years – This is going to be so well used and it has been placed in the best position it could be in.
Poppy 19 years – This is somewhere really cool to go to and enjoy ourselves in Boston.

Fran Taylor, Play and Physical Activity Officer, said: “To be able to have this amazing skate park sited right in the heart of Boston for all to enjoy is amazing. It will bring new challenges and opportunities to our community, increase physical activity levels and encourage new skills. To see so many youngsters on the skate park as soon as it opened was fantastic, it was just great!!!!!”

Portfolio holder for parks and open spaces, Cllr Tracey Abbott, said: “We are very excited we can now announced that the Skate Park is open, I think the majority of the community is very eager to spend their free time visiting the park. It is also very important to remind users they need to comply with Covid-19 guidelines by following social distancing and wear masks if they come within six feet of each other.

“A big thank you to Maverick Industries for all their dedication and hard work over the past few months in getting this project completed for us in record time.”

As an official opening at this time is unfortunately not able to take place but the installers Maverick Industries will be back next summer to assist with such an opening in the form of a “Skate Jam” which has already excited the youngsters as professional riders will attend to showcase their skills.

Thanks goes to the funders of this amazing project who are The Community Migration Fund, Boston Borough Council and Boston Town Area Committee.