An innovative new scheme has been launched by Boston’s Haven High Academy to help young cyclists stay safe on the area’s roads.

The Safer Cycling Initiative, created by the academy’s Pupil Premium Co-ordinator Damien Daly, has a number of aims and phases – all centred around encouraging students to bike to school and stay safe while doing so.

Mr Daly said: “All of the staff at Haven High Academy take the safety of our students extremely seriously, which also extends to their use of bicycles.

“With the long dark winter nights we are experiencing at the moment we were keen to improve the visibility of our student cyclists to other road users.

“In order to do this, the first phase of our Safer Cycling Initiative has involved all of the Year 7 students at our Tollfield Campus who cycle to school being given free front and back lights for their bikes via our in-school rewards shop.”

More than 100 Year 7 students regularly bike to and from the academy’s Tollfield Road site, while Haven High’s main campus in Marian Road has over 200 cyclists.

Mr Daly said: “Following the huge success of the start of this initiative at our Tollfield Campus, which was well supported by Head of Year Martyn Miles MBE, we will now also be rolling it out to all of the students who cycle to and from our Marian Road campus.

“Staff at Haven High are very keen to encourage students to cycle to school, as not only does this support the Healthy Schools Initiative but it also means the children are helping to reduce the environmental impact of cars on their local area.

“This is just phase one of a much larger initiative which will see Haven High spearheading the drive to help young people’s road safety in the local area.”

Mr Daly added that the Safer Cycling Initiative forms part of a bigger plan, which has also been designed to integrate with the construction of a new cycle hub at the Marian Road campus.

The hub will also facilitate Haven High’s future working relationships with external cycling agencies.