Boston’s new Mayor, Councillor Frank Pickett, has called on the community of Boston to continue to show a spirit of togetherness as the country continues to emerge from the pandemic.

Having been appointed at Boston Borough Council’s AGM in May, Cllr Pickett has asked that residents and businesses maintain the collaborative spirit that helped the area through a difficult 2020: “We thankfully appear to be on our way back to a level of normality, as we continue on the roadmap towards the end of restrictions across the country. The past year has been difficult for each and every one of us, whether you’ve been directly affected by Covid-19 or felt the impacts of the various lockdowns. However, one positive we can take from this pandemic is the fresh value we have found in coming together as a community and caring for one another; that’s something I’d like to see the residents and businesses of Boston keep up during this coming year and beyond.”

Councillor Frank Pickett represents the Old Leake and Wrangle Ward of the Borough and is Boston’s 486th Mayor. The Mayoress for the year is Mrs. Sandra Pickett.

New Mayoral Party 2021-22

New Mayoral Party 2021-22

Councillor Pickett has appointed Councillor Tom Ashton as his deputy for the Mayoral year. Councillor Ashton was elected to the Council in 2018 and also represents Old Leake and Wrangle ward. Miss Zoe Lane is the Deputy Mayoress.

The Mayor’s nominated charities for his year in office are the British Lung Foundation and Diabetes UK.