OHLG Additional Restrictions Grant

Boston Borough Council has also now opened its OHLG Additional Restrictions Grant for expressions of interest.

Businesses in the sectors listed in the table on the main OHLG page who are non-rated, and those who work in the supply chain to these hospitality, leisure and accommodation businesses, and as such are ineligible for OHLG support, were able to express their interest in receiving this discretionary grant funding.

The types of businesses who may be eligible for the Additional Restrictions Grant, if they were open and operating in December 2021, are:

  • Hospitality (non-rated);
  • Leisure (non-rated);
  • Accommodation (non-rated, but only businesses that were open in December 2021 e.g. a self-catering caravan operating on a site which was closed in December 2021 will not be eligible for a grant payment);
  • Kennels and Catteries (non-rated and rated);
  • Events Businesses (e.g. Event Management, Event Lighting); and;
  • Travel Agents and Travel Consultants (non-rated and rated).
  • Supply chain businesses to the Hospitality, Leisure and Accommodation sectors (non-rated and rated).

As a result of the limited Additional Restrictions Grant funding made available and in order to award meaningful levels of grant support, the council is required to focus on the above business types and, as a result, businesses in the retail and personal care sectors will not be eligible under this scheme.

Emails should indicate the specific operation of the business, e.g. a café, a self-catering cottage etc. Please do not apply if you have already received the OHLG grant.

Subject to submitting an application within the application window and meeting the scheme’s criteria, grant payments will be made before 31 March 2022. The level of payment received will be subject to the local demand in the District.

All grants have now been paid to eligible businesses by the application deadline of Thursday 31 March 2022. This grant scheme has now closed.