Waste & Recycling FAQs & Operational Procedures


Rejected Bins

The Council will reject bins for collection for the following reasons:

  • Bin lid not fully closed
  • Wrong bin  presented, e.g. recycling bin presented on refuse week
  • Materials not suitable for recycling placed into the recycling bin  
  • Refuse bins containing contaminated waste
  • Bin too heavy to lift
  • Damaged bins which may cause injury to crews or vehicles
Assisted Collections

Residents who are unable to move their wheeled bins or bags to the collection point, because of ill health, infirmity or disability, and without other occupants in the household able to assist them (16 years and over), will be placed on the ‘assisted collection’ scheme on request.

Residents who have difficulties moving their bins should contact our customer service team on 01205 314200, they will undertake a simple assessment over the telephone to check the household meets the criteria for an assisted collection.

When an assisted collection has been authorised, it can take up to 5 working days to be implemented. Your assisted collection service may not commence until 5 working days from the date your assisted collection has been granted. If you have a waste collection within the 5 working days, residents will need to put provisions in place to make sure the wheeled bins/bags is presented at the curtilage of the property to ensure collection for that day.

Residents on the assisted collection scheme will have their wheeled bins/bags collected by a  refuse operative from an agreed location, emptied and returned to the same location.

Resident are responsible for ensuring bins are visible to collection crews and that there are no obstructions in accessing the wheeled bins/ bags for collection;

  • Gates must be unlocked by 5:30am of the collection day
  • Any loose animals must be locked away by 5:30am of the collection day
  • Clear access to the bin must be made for e.g. trip hazards must be removed or cars or any other object blocking access to the bin to be removed by 5:30am of the collection day

If the refuse operative is unable to gain access to the wheeled bin/bags they will not be emptied/collected until the next scheduled collection.

If the householder’s circumstances change, the resident must inform the Council.

The Council will periodically review the assisted collection register.

Side Waste

Residents are provided one green bin per household for the disposal of refuse, but there are instances where a household can have an additional green bin.  If you have 6 or more people living in the household, you can apply for a second bin.  On request of this application a visit to the property may be necessary in order to carry out a waste audit.

Side waste up to a maximum of 4 black bags may be placed next to the green bin for collection.  Where side waste is regularly presented or there is an excessive amount of bags, crews will report this on their in-cab technology and the resident will be contacted to carry out a waste audit.

Large household items that do not fit into the green bin must not be placed next to the green bin.  These items will not be collected and can be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centre in Bittern Way, Boston, Lincs, PE21 7RQ for disposal or alternatively contact customer services for a bulky waste collection quote.

There will occasionally be exceptions to the rule where we will except additional bags and these will be at certain times of the year i:e at Christmas, New year or when there has been a party.

Missed Bins

Bins must be presented on the night before the scheduled collection by no later than 5.30am on the day of collection.  If your bin is not presented for collection at the time of  collection, it will be recorded on the in cab system. 

If a bin is recorded on the system as ‘not presented’, responsibility for disposal will become that of the householder and the Council will not return to collect the bin. 

General waste – Green bin

If a householder has not had their bin collected but adjacent neighbours have, and if no sticker has been applied to inform the householder that the bin was contaminated, then they should contact the Council on 01205 314200 by 2.00pm on the following working day.  We will then attempt to revisit for collection. If we are unable to recollect on the same day we will attempt to go back within 5 working days. We will also take up to 4 bags of side waste. If the Council is not contacted within this time, then no recollection can be made and residents should present their bin at the next scheduled collection.

Recycling – Blue bin

If a householder has not had their bin collected but adjacent neighbours have, they should contact the Council on 01205 314200 and we will send recycling bags to the customer. Recycling bins will not be recollected. Recycling bags must not be placed inside the bin but presented at the side of the bin.

If your bin has been reported as contaminated, the contamination must be removed by the resident prior to the next scheduled collection. If requested, the Council will send recycling bags which should be presented at the side of (maximum of 4 bags per collection).

Garden waste – Brown bin

If a householder has not had their bin collected and adjacent neighbours have, they should contact the Council on 01205 314200 by 2.00pm on the following working day.  We will then attempt to revisit for collection as long as there are no issues reported by our crew, such as the bin not being presented. If we are unable to recollect on the same day we will attempt to go back within 5 working days.  

We do not collect any additional side waste for garden waste.

Please note that we will allow for additional general and recycling side waste (more than 4 bags) over the Christmas and New Year period. If you have excessive side waste at any other time (party/occasions) please notify the council ahead of collections on 01205 314200.

Parked cars blocking roads leading to non-collection of wheeled bins

Where there is one or more cars parked in a manner which blocks access by our vehicles to collect bins, then the council will attempt to return the same day and re-collect.  Where we are unable to re-collect on the same day, these will be added to our re-collection round and emptied as soon as operationally possible. 

The Councils crews will record the vehicles registration number, make and model and evidence with a photo.  If the same vehicle is reported more than 3 times to be blocking a road, the vehicles information will be passed through to the Enforcement Team who will take enforcement action including issuing a Community Protection Notice Warning to the registered keeper.

When we are unable to access a road due to road works

It may not be possible for our refuse vehicles to collect from highways where roadworks are in place. This can generate complaints to the Council as it may be possible for some vehicles, such as cars, to access such a road. However, our vehicles are Large Goods Vehicles and our Driver is authorised to determine whether a collection is made given their duty to operate their vehicle safely. We will endeavour to liaise with the Highway Authority wherever possible for pre-determined collection times. We will assess these areas to ensure prompt recollection is made as soon as possible.  We will take up to 4 bags additional side waste for both general waste and recycling in these circumstances.

Lost Bins

Charging for bins is designed to encourage the responsible use of bins, and we consider it fairer that the cost of replacements be met by the residents requiring them and not council tax payers as a whole.

When a resident reports their bin as vandalised, damaged or stolen and need a replacement, a charge will be levied to cover administration and delivery.

The Council will provide wheeled bins to new dwellings upon receipt of the necessary payment either from the developer or householder. The minimum requirement is for a green and blue bin, with the garden waste bin being optional.

The property developer should contact Environmental Operations regarding new developments in order that adequate and suitable storage is identified.

Customers are advised to check their bin after collection and any damage should be reported to the Council within two working days.

A charge is levied for a replacement bin however for occasions where a bin is lost or damaged in the back of a collection vehicle, a note should be made by the crew on our in cab system. If this is the case the Council will arrange a replacement bin to be delivered free of charge, as soon as possible.

In order to prevent confusion over missing or stolen bins, we strongly recommend that you put your property name or number on all your bins. This needs to be on the front of the bin, e.g. opposite side to the handles, so that it is easily visible to the crew on emptying through our CCTV cameras. This also ensures that in the event of a bin going into the back of the collection vehicle the operatives are able to confirm which household it belongs to and record these details accurately on our systems to avoid any delays in replacing your bins.

Waste & Recycling Operational Procedures

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