Ambitious plans to redevelop Boston have taken a major step forward after the Government announced it is bringing forward £5bn of capital investment projects to support jobs and the economic recovery.

The Boston Town Deal is aiming to secure up to £750,000 of central government funding for projects that can be delivered this financial year.

Since the creation of the Boston Town Deal Board in January 2020, Communities, businesses and local leaders joined forces to draw up ambitious plans to transform Boston’s economic growth prospects, with a focus on improved transport, broadband connectivity, skills and culture. They will now use these ideas to submit proposals to draw down this funding.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government is particularly keen to encourage projects that will support towns in responding to immediate challenges, including:

  • Improvement to or new parks and green spaces and sustainable transport links
  • Improvements to town centres including repurposing empty commercial properties
  • Demolition or site remediation where this will have an immediate benefit

Chair of the Boston Town Deal Board, Neil Kempster, said: “The Boston Town Deal represents a significant opportunity to bring together the public, private and voluntary sectors to define and deliver an investment plan for Boston.

“The town benefits from its strategic portside location, strong heritage, civic assets and sense of place.  Our ambitious board have been working and will continue to work with local stakeholders and businesses, as well as the public through the MyTown portal, seeking the views and ideas from the wider community to turn the proud history of Boston into a vibrant future.”

The Leader of Boston Borough Council, Cllr Paul Skinner, said: “This is just the start of our bid to rejuvenate and transform Boston, which will continue with the PE21 project over the next few years.

“Because this grant will be used in the current financial year, it will create an immediate impact and enable us to put down a solid foundation for our future development.”