Due to the public holidays over the Christmas period, the Council is required to provide an extended consultation period on planning applications where the consultation period would be interrupted by the public holidays  – with additional days provided being equivalent to the number of public holidays within the consultation period.

In addition, as the Council offices will not be open for 7 working days within that period (24.12.19 – 1.1.20 inclusive), it has been determined that it is appropriate to provide a further extension to the consultation period identified above. Therefore for any applications registered as valid, and subject to consultation between 4.12.19 and 24.12.19 an extended consultation period – increasing from 21 to 28 days will be applied. This will be detailed within the normal notification letters.

Information on applications will still be available online at https://www.mybostonuk.com/ Comments can continue to be provided and will be considered in the usual fashion. Normal service provision will be resumed as of the Thursday 2nd January 2020.