The remains of the electrical item that caught fire today

We urge all residents not to throw batteries or any household electrical items in their household bins.

This morning one of our crew members noticed a fire starting in the back of a refuse truck, the fire was immediately distinguished and the fire service was called out for safety reasons. This then caused further delays at the transfer station checking the remainder of the load was safe to be unloaded.

This fire was caused by an electrical household appliance which was placed in a residents green household waste bin.

Dan Moss, Area Manager for Prevention and Protection at Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, said: “Batteries and electrical items can be a fire hazard, especially when they are compacted and damaged when mixed in with household waste. The spark can ignite the highly reactive lithium, leading to a fire.

“We would urge residents to make sure they dispose of batteries and electrical items correctly at the appropriate recycling facility.”

Councillor Deborah Evans, Portfolio Holder for Waste Services at Boston Borough Council, said: “We are really lucky that the fire was quickly spotted and contained by our refuse crew today and that no damage was caused to the vehicle. A huge thank you to the crew members.

“This is a huge reminder to our residents to please dispose of your household items in the correct manner, NO batteries or electrical items should be placed in your household bins.

“Advice on what items can go in what bin can be found on our website at

All electrical items can be disposed of at the Household Waste Recycling Centre or at many local hardware stores. Batteries can be disposed of at the Household Waste Recycling Centre or in dedicated battery bins that can be found in many local shops.