Boston has one of the Country’s oldest ‘conservation areas’, designated in 1969, which covers the Market Place, High Street and Wide Bargate and most of the surrounding streets and includes a high concentration of listed buildings, which are recognised nationally of being of historical and architecturally important.

The Council has regularly received complaints about the poor state of repair of some buildings in the town and decided to start a review of the whole of the conservation area to identify buildings which it considered were in need of repair and whose condition was considered to be adversely affecting the street scene.  The ambition being to create a more attractive town for the benefit of all its residents, visitors and business owners and to help preserve Boston’s rich heritage.

You may have noticed over the past couple of months that a lot of scaffold has been erected to properties around the town.  This is as a result of the Council engaging with property owners to encourage them to carry out repairs and redecoration of their property.

The Council will be continuing with this project over the coming months, reviewing more properties and where buildings are found to be in need of improvement, it will be seeking the cooperation of the owners to carry out the necessary works, which is often just a case of redecoration.

If anyone has concerns about the poor condition of buildings around the town then they can send the details to and these can be considered during the review process.