Classes of Information

Classes are the name given to the groups of information that are available under the publication scheme.

Who we are and what we do

  1. Councils constitution Constitution pages on democracy system
  2. Councillors Information –  Your Councillors | Boston Borough Council
  3. The Worshipful the Mayor of Boston The Mayor of Boston | Boston Borough Council
  4. The Strategic Alliance and the directorate
  5. Latest Election Results
  6. Scrutiny annual report Library of reports   
  7. Previous year AGM Statement Annual General Meeting Minutes 2020/21
  8. Public Notices

What we spend and how we spend it

  1. Financial Statements Statement of Accounts | Boston Borough Council (
  2. Transparency – including Payments over £500 Finance | Boston Borough Council (
  3. Transparency – including staff structure, pay rates and other requirements of the 2015 Transparency Act.
  4. Transparency – Senior officers pay
  5. Previous year annual statement

What are our priorities and how are we doing

  1. Councils Forward Plan Browse plans – Cabinet, 2021 | Boston Borough Council

How we make decisions

  1. How the council works How The Council Works | Boston Borough Council
  2. Decisions & the Decision Register Decisions for call-in | Boston Borough Council
  3. Committees Committee structure | Boston Borough Council
  4. Upcoming meetings Browse Meetings, 2000 | Boston Borough Council

Our policies and procedures

Most policies are only available on request at this time.  Some policies can be found on the democracy internet platform by using the search functionality.

Please email or ask at reception.

  1. Taxi and Convictions Policy is covered on this page
  2. Housing Policies and strategies can be found at the bottom of this linked page
  3. CCTV Self assessment – SCC 

Lists and registers

  1. Planning Register Planning Application Search | Boston Borough Council (
  2. Open Data Open Data | Boston Borough Council (
  3. Information relating to business rates Freedom of Information Act requests relating to Business Rates
  4. Public Health Funerals information and list 
  5. Electoral Roll – Public inspection on appointment at West Street Offices.

The services we offer

  1. (link to Our Services | Boston Borough Council (


If you have any queries in respect to the publication scheme please contact