Reduce is first on the list because it is the best and most important way of minimising your impact on the Earth’s environment. It means that you try to reduce the amount of materials that you use and also the resources such as fuel and water that you use.

Here are some examples of ways that you can reduce:-

  • By not buying items that you do not need, for example by only replacing items when they can no longer be used or are beyond repair.
  • If an item is damaged, try to repair the item rather than buying something new. Clothes and electronics are good examples of items which are often thrown out when they become damaged, yet they can often be repaired.
  • By not buying and using single use items such as straws, plastic cups and drinks that are sold in plastic bottles which are used once then thrown away.
  • You can also reduce your impact on the planet by refusing to buy items that have excessive packaging, for example chocolates that come in plastic boxes or items that are sold in an unnecessarily large container.
  • If you need to print out a document, print on both sides of paper. If you have paper that you have printed on one side only, you could use the back to write on. Here are some more ways to save paper.
  • By choosing to walk, cycle or take public transport rather than using a car.
  • By hanging washing outside to dry rather than using a tumble dryer.