Boston Borough Council’s previous blue bin recycling contents contamination rates were at just over 32% back in March of this Year – after this week’s collections the sampling of the contents of the blue recycling bin is now being reported at a lower rate of 21%.

Residents have worked even harder to get their recycling right after receiving an additional bin earlier in the year where they were then asked to recycle all dry, clean paper and card in a separate purple-lidded recycling bin following a successful years trial with just under 3000 residents in the borough.

The council’s new portfolio holder for Environmental Services, Councillor Deborah Evans, said: “This is a real reflection of the efforts of our residents. This accomplishment would not have been possible without them being fully-committed to recycling and sorting their household waste put into the blue recycling bins. They have not only helped us reduce contamination but also helped the environment.

“We do recognise that there may be some residents who are struggling with recycling and I would ask these residents to get in touch with us – our team are there to help advice and offer additional help and support where needed.”

Larger families with six or more people, families with three or more children in nappies and households with one or more people producing medical waste may be eligible for an additional bin, as long as they are recycling properly.

Here are some top tips on dealing with recycling:-

  • Place all paper and card in your purple/purple-lidded bin, unless it is wet, damp or dirty then this needs to go in your green bin. A good tip is to flat pack any boxes to make more space.
  • Crush cans, squash bottles and remove any lids.
  • Stack plastic tubs and pots inside one another to reduce the amount of space they take up and squash them where possible before placing in the blue bin.
  • Place items in loose and not bagged, this helps with space saving and plastic bags are not accepted by our recycling contractors

Remember plastic bags, takeaway containers and pizza boxes, thin plastics; polystyrene trays; and disposable nappies cannot be recycled and should be put in your green bin. Rubbish that you put into your green bin is taken for incineration and used to generate electricity.