Residents of Boston Borough are being urged to put the #RightThing in the #RightBin following high levels of contamination in their blue recycling bins on our last collection. Bins were collected but tagged with information advising residents of the items that should not have been included.

Many people are endeavouring to help the environment by recycling responsibly, but with the amount of recycling collected on the last blue bin recycling week it was clear that many of our households are still confused, meaning less can be recycled and more waste then sent on to the Energy from Waste plant.

All of our households were recently delivered a recycling pack which included a #RightThing #RightBin leaflet which clearly showed what could and could not go in each of the bins in their household. This leaflet can also be found on our website at and is available in various other languages.

Cllr Yvonne Stevens, Portfolio Holder for Operations, said: “We appreciate that our recycling process has changed recently and I would like to give my sincere thanks to everyone for recycling their paper and card correctly in their new purple-lidded bins. However introducing the new twin stream bin system following a successful trial has highlighted the high contamination issues we have in our other blue recycling bin and I would like to ask people not to contaminate their blue bin with nappies, food waste, takeaway pizza boxes, plastic bags or film, polystyrene, textiles, crisp packets and COVID PPE.

“Contaminated recycling is environmentally damaging and undoes the good work of the residents who are doing it right.”

A council spokesperson said: “Our crews work hard to ensure all of our bin collections are collected as scheduled, but they are reliant on individual households disposing of their waste in the correct bins, and we need people to put the #RightThing in the #RightBin.

“By putting the #RightThing in the #RightBin our residents are helping the council to maintain efficient bin collections, ensuring the safety of staff on the ground, and that more will be recycled, composted or used as fuel to produce heat and electricity.”

To check what to put in each bin visit

To check your bin days online visit

For information on minimising the amount of rubbish and recycling you produce visit

Or if you have items that are too big for your bin we can arrange a paid for bulky waste collection by calling 01205 314200 or you can visit your local Household Waste Recycling Centre by visiting

Contaminated waste when sampled at the transfer station