A Robin chose an unusual location for its nest when it noticed the lid slightly ajar on a brown garden waste wheelie bin.

But it turned out to be an ideal safe place to raise a family when the Wiercinski family took the bird under their wing.

The bin was full of garden waste, but not being used as it was damaged, and Maciej, of Clifton Road, Fishtoft, and his sons, Viktor (9) son, Filip (7), have been keeping a close eye on developments.

The Robin began nest building at the start of April and Maciej and his sons noticed the parent birds going in and out of the bin a few days before the bin was die to be collected. Two eggs appeared in the nest, followed the next day by two more and a final egg the day after that. All five babies have hatched and are growing well.

The family is now watching and waiting for the baby birds to test their wings and fly away when the council will then collect the damaged bin.

On Tuesday Maciek said: “The babies have flown the nest. It is a very sad day for us, but a good day for our little family of Robins.”