Boston Borough Council are delighted to be a partner in the national Hertfordshire S.C.R.A.P Fly-tipping initiative via membership of the Lincolnshire Waste Partnership.

Like many Council’s nationally, we are struggling to cope with the deluge of illegal waste dumping blighting our countryside and communities. Enormous resources are brought to bear locally to deal with this problem yet in many cases the waste could have been disposed of easily and free of charge at a household waste recycling centre.

Only last week we reported to members that we have dealt with just over 300 incidents of fly-tipping during the last three months. This year we are likely to exceed 1500 incidents. The cost of clearing all this waste is phenomenal. How much better would it be if we were to invest this resource in our communities.

We are getting tough and we have a plan. The S.C.R.A.P campaign gives us access to resources to help in the fight against fly-tipping. Putting new anti fly-tipping livery on our refuse freighters and lay-by bins is just the start.

We have served 33 FPN’s for fly tipping since August this year plus seven for waste duty of care offences. We will be getting tougher on those that just don’t care and flout the law. Watch this space!

Portfolio holder for waste services, Cllr Yvonne Stevens, said: “People who fly-tip have no respect for the environment and no regard for the consequences if they are found guilty of a waste offence.

“Fly-tipping is an offence, one that poses a risk to people and the environment. This campaign will offer practical and helpful advice on how people can dispose of their unwanted items and stay on the right side of the law.

If you are out and about and come across what you suspect is a fly-tip then please contact the council to report it on 01205 314200 or fill out the report it form at”