Language can broaden horizons and be the key to a successful career, and a new project seeks to form links between classes in schools in Boston and those in Hanseatic countries across the Continent.

The idea is Bernd Baumann’s, a primary school teacher in Lübeck, where he teaches English. He wants to hear from primary schools in the Boston area interested in discussing a new Hanseatic partnership to improve international understanding and motivation to learn foreign languages.

One of Bernd’s ideas is that schools could skype one another and get to know and learn about one another.

He runs Hansemusical  and the Lets Hanse Singers, which will begin its first concert tour with a performance in Hamburg on April 15 when images from Boston, along with all 201 Hanseatic cities and towns, will enrich the event. A specially-written piece of music will accompany the images, with a few lines of verse appropriate to each one, taking the audience on a visual and musical journey of the Hanse.

He said the Hanse Musical project already has elements available to teachers to use as part of music, general knowledge, history, maths, arts and language lessons in both primary and secondary schools.

Bernd also wants to hear from singers, musicians, musical actors and theatres to organise concerts and shows of the Hansemusical in the Boston area.

He can be contacted by email at And contact Bernd if you happen to be in Hamburg on April 15 and he will arrange free admission to the concert for you.

Boston was a member of the Hanseatic trading league in the 12th and 13th centuries, smoothing import and export business between the town through its busy port and countries across Northern Europe.

It joined the New Hanse in 2015, together with King’s Lynn, Hull and Ipswich, seeking better economic, social and cultural ties in the spirit of the original Hanseatic League which brought great prosperity to Boston centuries ago.

Boston was represented at the annual Hanseatic Day when it was held in Kampen in the Netherlands in 2017 and a video has emerged of Mike Peberdy and Marion Sander spreading the word about the town. See them at