We would like to thank the public who have been adhering to Government guidelines in and around Boston.

There has been more officer visibility in the town and around Boston Central Park which reopened to the public at the beginning of the week.

Lincolnshire Police have been working with us to ensure guidelines are met in Boston Central Park. The park was initially closed in line with Government guidance, this was a joint decision by the borough council and police.

Inspector Fran Harrod said: “The joint decision to close the park was initially made to underline the severity of the situation and the urgency of the need to follow Government rules to save lives and protect the NHS.

“Several weeks on, the vast majority of the people of Boston have been incredibly supportive of this.

“Following the Government’s latest guidance to make parks accessible for daily exercise, the time was right to re-open Boston Central Park. The park and the whole town is extensively patrolled day and night, and anyone failing to abide by the rules will be engaged with and enforcement used as a last resort where necessary.

“Thank you all so much for staying home, and saving lives.”

In Boston and across Lincolnshire officers have been ensuring we help keep people safe from the effects of COVID-19 by engaging with people, explaining the national guidance, and encouraging them to act appropriately. But a small number of people have not behaved in line with the advice and have been issued with hefty Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs).

Largely, people in the county have been following the central advice to stay at home, to only make essential journeys, and to keep 2m from people if trips are unavoidable.

Sergeant Kate Odlin has been patrolling the streets of Boston after seven years of policing elsewhere.

She said: “I find it reassuringly the same with community spirit still here in abundance. I’ve sadly arrived back in the strange time that is COVID-19 restrictions. My day now consists of patrolling the Market Place and moving people on and ensuring social distancing is taking place to keep us all safe.

“I also spend time visiting play parks, wooded areas and the usual places I would expect to find gatherings. At this time I am following steps that you may have seen published by Lincolnshire Police of ‘Engage and Explain’ and enforcement is used as a last resort.

“Myself and colleagues are trying our best to encourage these new rules without adding extra expense, however if we have to then we will issue a ticket. Tickets have been issued and people have been reported to court . I would point out though that this is the minority few who we’ve had to deal with in this way.

“I have visited families who have reportedly let their children breach by going out, again I have offered support, engaged and explained. The difference here is that it will be the parents who will receive the fine.

“This is a quick snap shot of my usual day at the moment. Please follow the rules and stay safe.”

Councillor Paul Skinner, Leader of the Council and portfolio holder for Regulatory Services, said: “I would like to thank the people of Boston and surrounding areas who have been following the guidelines. I would also like to thank the police and other emergency services for their support during this pandemic.

“We have been working in partnership with the police to try and ensure guidance is met. The majority of people are following the guidelines but it has been brought to attention that there is a minority who are not adhering to these. It is down to every individual person to take responsibility and stay at home. Please follow the guidelines and remember to report any witnessed gatherings to 101.”

Some people have decided not to listen to the advice and police have issued 22 Fixed Penalty Notices in Boston.