The Boston Buoys artist commissions provide an exciting opportunity for three innovative artists to create six stunning new artworks by customising large-scale, historic, navigation buoys, designed to showcase Boston’s rich heritage and maritime connections.

The distinctive artworks will capture the attention and imagination of residents and visitors and stimulate interest in our relationship with the natural environment, exploration and the sea.

The Boston Buoys artworks aim to enhance pride in the town and attract more visitors to the area to experience and view this unique collection of distinctive artworks. We have appointed three experienced and inspirational artists who will each work on these four metre high steel buoys, which previously served their lives aiding navigation in the iconic Wash of the North Sea, and when they were recently replaced by modern versions they were recognised for their heritage and cultural value.

The mid-20th century buoys are imposing objects and come in fascinating shapes and styles, making them a stunning prospect to engage and capture the imagination of the artists, as demonstrated by the high level of interest in the commissions.

Jo Chapman, a specialist in outdoor sculpture and who has delivered contemporary buoys projects in Shetland amongst her previous work, will create sculptures for the roundabout near the Bus Station on Rosegarth Street, and also for a site opposite the Black Sluice on London Road.  Jo’s work will celebrate personal stories and journeys to and from Boston over the sea.

Bex Simon, and artist blacksmith, and partner David Harris, have appeared on the up-cycling TV programme ‘Money for Nothing’, will be making two complementary artworks for either side of the Haven Bridge, along John Adams Way.  These two sculptures will feature floral displays, inspired by the work of Boston in Bloom.

Finally, Carrie Reichardt, an internationally renowned craft-activist and public artist who has made work for the Victoria and Albert Museum in London amongst other commissions, will create her distinctive mosaics for two buoys situated in Central Park, and at St Botolph’s Footbridge.  Carrie’s research will explore historic themes, navigation and natural history.

Each artists brings a proven track record alongside very distinctive styles and approaches which will make the activities and events for local people to get involved even more exciting. There will be opportunities to take part in workshops to design and create small parts, see some of the art being made, visit exhibitions and hear talks and presentations.

Transported, the Creative People and Places programme for Boston and South Holland, which is based in the Centre for Culture and Creativity, part of the University of Lincoln, is leading the project, in partnership with Boston Borough Council, Boston Big Local, Boston in Bloom and the Environment Agency.

Some examples of the buoys and designs are below