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Parking permits

The council offers parking permits, which can be used in 11 of the council’s 18 off street car parks; Artillery Row, Botolph Street, Buoy Yard, Doughty Quay, George Street, Maud Street, St. George’s Road, Spayne Road, Staniland, Tunnard Street and Victoria Place (see map below for locations). These permits can be purchased for the following periods:

8am – 6pm at a cost of £35 for one month, £95 for three months or £350 per year.

6pm – 8am at a cost of £25 for one month, £60 for three months or £210 per year.

24 Hrs at a cost of £45 for one month, £120 for three months or £450 per year.

Permits can be purchased over the counter at the council’s main reception, over the phone by calling 01205 314200, or online, using the make a payment link. If you are purchasing your permit online or over the phone, please provide your vehicle registrations and the date the permit is required from. Permits paid for by either of these methods will be issued by post, so please allow a minimum of 5 working days in which to receive the permit when specifying the start date.

In addition to this there are also bays on Blue Street and Irby Street car parks which cost £150 per year. These bays can be renewed by any of the above methods but again, a minimum of 5 working days must be allowed for receipt of the permit. There are currently no vacant bays on Irby Street; however if you wish to add your details to the waiting list you will be contacted when a bay becomes available.

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Trader bay parking permits

The council also offer a number of specific parking bays within the town centre which are reserved for businesses only. Permits cost £35 for one month, £100 for a three month period, £200 for a six month period or £370 per year. If you would like to renew your permit please use the make a payment link. If you do not have a bay but would like to request one, please call 01205 314326. Please do not make a payment for a trader bay without first contacting us to ensure that a suitable bay is available.

Private Parking Bay Permits

These permits are available in car parks on Blue Street and Irby Street only and cost £150 per year.

Parent Parking Permits

Parent parking permits are permits available for parents with pupils at the Pioneers Academy on Fydell Crescent, to enable them to park in two of our car parks whilst taking their children to and from school. Payment for these permits can be made in periods of a term at a time, up to a whole school year. Parents can only ever pay up until the end of the current school year. The cost and dates for each term are listed below. Permits can be paid for in person at the Council offices on West Street, or online. If you are paying online please allow a minimum of 5 working days for the permit to be sent out to you.

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