Holding An Event in Boston

Guidance for event organisers wishing to hold an event on Boston Borough Council land

The historic town of Boston provides the perfect setting for a variety of events to take place, with its medieval market place and Central Park situated within the heart of the town.

To ensure that all events taking place are safe, successful and legal, we have put together some guidance to provide event organisers with the advice needed in holding an event that involves the use of Boston Borough Council owned land or premises.

An event is any pre-planned activity and is not dependent upon size, activity or numbers attending.

Whatever type of event or activity you wish to hold, large or small, if you are planning to hold it on our land or premises, we need to know about it!

Please see below for a copy of Boston Borough Council’s Holding an Event in Boston leaflet, application form and general terms and conditions; giving a quick guide to the process you will need to go through in holding an event involving Council land or premises.

Boston SAG provide a forum for discussing and advising on public safety at an event. They aim to help organisers with the planning and management of an event, encouraging the cooperation and coordination between all relevant agencies. Click here to find out more. 

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