Transparency – Senior Pay

We believe that it is important to be open and transparent about what we pay our senior officers. You can view the salaries of all Officers who receive more than £50,000 per year here.

We operate a shared management team with East Lindsey District Council and South Holland District Council.  Salaries for the shared officers are split as follows: 46% ELDC; 31% SHDC and 23% BBC.

For more details on our shared management team, please visit:


Grade Job Title Permanent / Temporary Full Time Equivalent Current Salary in £5K Brackets  Salary Ceiling
DCX Grade Deputy Chief Executive – Growth Permanent £100-105,000 £116,377
AD Grade Assistant Director – Regulatory Permanent £80-85,000 £94,905
AD Grade Assistant Director – Leisure and Culture Permanent £80-85,000 £94,905
AD Grade Assistant Director – General Fund Assets Permanent £80-85,000 £94,905


Last updated April 2022

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