Thursday, September 1 2022


Upcycle Sunday is helping to reduce waste and save residents money


This weekend marks 12 months since a fun and environmentally friendly way of giving away unwanted household items to people who want them first started in Boston.


Upcycle Sunday started on September 5 last year and has grown in popularity every month since. The idea came from Councillor Deborah Evans, Portfolio Holder for Waste at Boston Borough Council who was keen for residents to share items they no longer want.


The scheme has seen furniture restored, items given a new lease of life as well as reducing the number of trips to the local Household Waste Recycling Centre and helping people declutter in a way that is better for the planet.


Gerry Roffey, from Tower Street, regularly takes part in Upcycle Sunday.

He said: “I have taken advantage of Upcycle Sunday several times over the past year and think the concept is a brilliant idea. To be able to pass on items that are no longer needed, but still have lots of life left in them, is great for the community and is ideal for those that may need something but are perhaps not able to afford to buy new.  And Upcycle Sunday makes it so easy to do this.


“An example of this is when I recently wanted to repurpose a guest room.  I had a good quality pine bed, a couple of very nice Victorian chairs and two bedside tables.  I marked them on the Upcycle Sunday webpage with their location and put them at the front of the house.  Within a couple of hours, the various pieces had gone to three good homes.  Perfect!


“Could I have donated them to a charity shop, could I have sold them privately… Yes, to both of those.  But there’s a joy in the simplicity of Upcycle Sunday. There’s a pleasure in giving, and you often meet the people that are going to continue to enjoy those items in their home. Upcycle Sunday really does work.”


Cllr Deborah Evans said: “This has been a fantastic scheme and it keeps growing in popularity. People who have found themselves with no furniture have been able to upcycle and give something that was not wanted a new use.


“It saves people going to the Household Waste Recycling Centre, saving time and fuel as well as being better for the environment. People often share what they have on offer on social media and a real, upcycling community has been created. Those who give items away are grateful they are going to someone who will get even more use out of it at the same time as reducing their own unwanted clutter.


“The scheme also helps charity shops as they can collect items when stock is running low. At a time when every penny counts for households, this is really helping our residents save money as well as reducing waste. By mending, reusing and restoring this is just one way where people are helping the environment.”


Upcycle Sunday takes place on the first Sunday of the month. Residents can put out household items (please do not present electrical items for reuse) on the frontage of their property from 8am until 8pm for other residents, community groups, charity shops, charity groups, second-hand shops and Boston College to take free of charge.


After 8pm please take in any uncollected items. Residents presenting and collecting items as part of this event do so at their own risk.


To find out more about this event please visit where we have more information on the items that are acceptable and the health and safety rules around taking part in this.