Work scheduled on busy crossing to upgrade equipment is now going to begin on May 24.

With current pedestrian signal equipment at John Adams Way (Spain Lane) coming to the end of its operational life, LCC is undertaking a works programme to upgrade the crossing.

The Toucan crossing is being upgraded to be more environmentally friendly, utilising extra-low voltage equipment which reduces the carbon footprint of the crossing due to reduced power consumption.

The works were due to begin on May 16 and be completed by June 24. However, due to a delay on another set of works that has led to a knock-on effect with the crossing refurbishment, the dates for this job have moved forward by a week. Toucan works are now going to start May 24 and are due to be completed on July 7. All aspects of the refurbishment programme remain the same.

There will be lane closures to traffic in place during the scheme to keep road users and site workers safe. Pedestrians will be directed to the John Adams Way / South Square junction.

Cllr Richard Davies, executive member for highways, said: “As this equipment is coming to the natural end of its operational life, we are taking the opportunity to make the changes that will ensure the safety of pedestrians whilst also being better for the environment.

“Inevitably, these works will cause some minor disruption whilst the changes are made but in the end the crossing will be improved by the work that is being done.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone effected for their patience in this matter.”