Take a gentle stroll between Fydell House and the Stump and centuries of history contained within the architecture unfolds before you. And from next month (May) you will be able to find out more about Boston’s illustrious past and the stories contained within those walls.

Jane Keightley, Boston born and bred, has a lifelong passion for the town’s history and is to pass on her knowledge in a series of history walks.

The first is on Wednesday, May 8, and will be repeated every Wednesday at 10.30am through the summer and on Sundays from 2pm for visitors and locals. They will all start at Fydell House and take about an hour.

The talking tour will take in the histories of Fydell House, the Guildhall, Gysor’s Hall, Blackfriars, Shodfriars, the Market Place, the Stump, the Herbert Ingram Memorial, Bargate, the War Memorial, Pescod Hall, Masonic Hall, Pump Square, Dolphin Lane and back to Fydell House, covering the Medieval period to more modern times.

Jane said: “I have always taken an interest in Boston’s history. There is such a great story to tell and this tour will cover some of the main elements – the Hanseatic merchants, the friaries, the Pilgrim Fathers and the Georgian period, among others.

The tour will cost just £5 and is sponsored by Oldrids. Book your place with Jane  by calling 07717267265 or email her at jane@janekeightley.net

Jane on the steps of Fydell House – waiting to take you on a history tour of Boston