The Admiral of The Wash met the Admiral of the Humber (pictured centre) when Boston Mayor Cllr Anton Dani was a VIP guest at an event in Kingston Upon Hull.

Cllr Dani and the Mayoress, Mrs Maria Dani, were guest of the Lord Mayor of Kingston Upon Hull at his “at home” event and Hanse Day celebration.

Cllr Dani’s hereditary naval title as Admiral of The Wash was bestowed in 1568, making the Mayor responsible for the defence and protection of the coast.

Boston was a member of the Hanseatic trading league in the 12th and 13th centuries, smoothing import and export business between the town through its busy port and countries across Northern Europe.

It joined the New Hanse in 2015, together with King’s Lynn, Hull and Ipswich, seeking better economic, social and cultural ties in the spirit of the original Hanseatic League which brought great prosperity to Boston centuries ago.